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Body Scan

We get it. Woo woo doesn't work for you.

Us either. BUT, a simple mind-body scan can help you on your weight loss journey.

Mind-body scan

What’s a “mind-body scan”? While it sounds like something that aliens might invent (along with probing of your, ahem, backside), a mind-body scan is quite simple.

Step 1: Find a quiet place

Every day, take 5 minutes and find a quiet place without interruptions.

This could be just before bed, or just after waking up. In your office. Sitting on a bench after your workout. Sitting in your parked car. Walking. Doing yoga, stretching, or foam rolling.

Heck, even the bathroom will do.

All you need is 5 minutes of quiet, distraction-free time.

Step 2: Notice physical sensations

Start at the top of your head and go all the way down to your toes, piece by piece.

See what you notice yourself feeling physical.

What are you feeling in your eyes? Your ears? Your nose?

Are you clenching your jaw? Are your facial muscles tight or loose?

How are you holding your head? Straight? Pushed forward like a turtle? Tilted to one side like a curious dog?

Is your chest tight or open? How are you breathing — deeply or shallowly?

Where are your shoulders? Are they up around your ears? Hunched forward? Hanging loosely? Is one higher than the other?

Do you feel a breeze on your face? Is it warm or cool in the room? Are you sweating? Shivering?

Are you wearing a scratchy sweater? Can you feel the label on your shirt?

You get the idea.

Work your way down to your toenails with this step-by-step “scan”.

Don’t judge or rush to change anything. Just observe, like a scientist.

Write down your observations if you like. Over two weeks, you may notice patterns.

Step 3: Notice emotions and thoughts

Once you’ve done your “body scan”, do the same thing for your emotions and thoughts.

Again, don’t judge or try to make sense of it. Just observe, and document if you like.

Step 4: Ask yourself 3 questions

Now, ask yourself:

Right now…

…what am I feeling, physically?

…what am I feeling, emotionally?

…what am I thinking?

It’s OK if you can’t put words into everything you’re feeling and experiencing.

Just observe. That’s all.

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