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Self-Care Brainstorm

Summer is coming to an end. Transition is taking place for so many of us. (Just when we got into a groove, right?) It's so easy to get caught up and forget to care for ourselves. Suddenly the heaviness of self negligence can feel overpowering and we may feel like we are sinking into a hole.

While you are planning for the back-to-school, end-of-summer transition, don't forget to put yourself on that list of new things to remember to do for your family. Your self-care is just as important. Showing up as your best, well taken care of self, is a gift to your family.

Self-care is activities we do to intentionally care for our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Different areas could be:

1. Physical

Physical self-care activities include anything that takes care of your body’s well-being.

Examples could include everything from eating a nutritious diet or getting regular physical activity, to grooming tasks that make you look and feel your best.

2. Emotional

Taking care of yourself emotionally means taking the time to check in with your emotions.

Recognizing how you’re feeling (and not judging yourself for it) is the first step in honoring your emotional health. Some emotional self-care activities are allowing yourself to say no to something or someone you don’t have the energy for, talking with a friend about what you’re feeling, or starting a journal.

3. Mental

Mental self-care is all about exercising your mind. From reading books to taking a class, to going to a museum. There’s not a lot of emphasis on learning new things as an adult, but it’s necessary to keep your mind alive and functioning well.

4. Spiritual

Some ways to explore it are meditating or praying, spending time in nature, or contributing to a cause you’re passionate about. A great book that I (Tamera) am reading is Free of Me by Sharon Hodde Miller.

5. Social

Keeping an eye on your social needs is an excellent idea. For extroverts, this means getting adequate time socializing. For my fellow introverts, it often looks more like getting enough time alone, away from socializing. But we all need to socialize sometimes, so ensure you get enough of what works best for you.


Take a piece of paper. Divide it into 5 sections, for each category listed above. Take 1-2 minutes and brainstorm self-care ideas for each category. Place stars next to the self-care ideas that resonate best with you.

A few examples of self-care that you might not have considered are brushing your teeth, eating balanced meals, getting regular exercise, or taking medication for a physical or mental illness. All of these practices fall under one of the above categories and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These and other self-care activities can help you feel your best so you can accomplish everything you need to do.

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