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The Cost of Getting Lean

Wow, 2020 was a ride!

I don't think any of us were prepared for what was coming our way. We are now in 2021 and most of us have been able to gather ourselves enough to realize that we have to move forward with our life and our health. This is the time of year that most people set the best intentions for their health but January turns to February and no changes have been made. Most people want to beat themselves up because of this.

Truth is, lasting health and changes take time and that is normal. So let's take any shame and guilt off of you. Change is about being honest with yourself. We have to get real about what we are willing, wanting, and able to change.

Improving your nutrition, fitness, health (and life) — is about trade-offs.

In order to say "yes" to something, you have to say "no" to something else. And vice versa.

For example:

Saying "yes" to an extra 30 minutes of sleep might mean saying "no" to a half-hour of late-night television.

Saying "yes" to a daily exercise session might mean saying "no" to an hour of Facebook.

Saying "yes" to some of the specific nutrition practices might mean saying “no” to following some other "diet guru" advice.

Saying "yes" to "one day at a time" might mean saying no to "wondering and worrying" about the future.

What are you willing to trade?

You have limited time, resources, and concentration.

What are you prepared to trade-off to get leaner, fitter, and/or healthier?

Right now:

  • What are you prepared to say "yes" to?

  • What are you prepared to say "no" to?

  • Out of all the things you want to accomplish, which do you want to do first?

  • What will you have to stop doing in order to start engaging with coaching wholeheartedly?

There are no right or wrong answers. Just choices and compromises.

It's your call. You decide.

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